discobrick features

Remote panel

Several graphic skins are available to  fit your style, from simple to classic, from hi-tech to transparent... and more are coming! Selecting your favorite is quick and fun. You can even add your own personal image for the panel background!
Using the compact interface is easy and gives you access to all features. You can choose among three versions of the Remote panel: Standard, mini and nano.
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NOTE: the "Camera Icon" (the screenshot option) in the App interface is available in DiscoBrick Pro only.
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    Media source settings: Select the input source- images or videos. For photos from Flickr and disk you need to activate Pictures.
    Load Flickr pics:
    By activating the checkbox (and the "pictures" option) you can use images from Flickr. It's also available the option to upload images by supplying the Flickr Feed.
    media Speed: Select the switching speed from one image to another.
    Fast : Real-Time displaying of images and Live video in the theme
    Low and medium: Live video sequence: series of frames and themes changing at regular intervals.
    This is the recommended option unless you want to use real-time video, as It allows you to reduce resource usage while achieving satisfying results.
    Theme interval: You can choose 3 different options.
    Random: themes are switched after a random lenght of time; Manual: themes are switched manually, using arrow keys; TImer: Themes are switched after a chosen, fixed time you choose from a list
    Themes Preview: indicates the active theme and opens the panel topics.

    Load Images: Click this button to load images from disk.

    Render Speed setting: Playback speed for the effects. "Low" : effects are rendered at minimum speed "ScreenSync": effects are synchronizedin real time. "Overload": effects are rendered as fast as greased lightning, however it drains your mac's resources faster than Dracula drains a virgin :-)
    Transitions setting: How DiuscoBrick transitions from one effect to the next. Choose No Effects or White/Black flash.
    Feed Setting : check the checkbox and enter the path of an RSS Feed to display its text. If you want to get images out of a Flickr feed, select "Pictures" in the Media Source settings and drop the Flickr feed here. A blue icon indicates active reading of images.

    Feed: Enter your feed-text adress.

Themes panel

The compact interface of the Themes panel is easy to use and gives you access to all features. Selecting your favorite theme is quick and effortless: just click on a theme preview in the themes panel. No boring effect name lists!
Create your own themes list:
You can create your own custom list with all themes available and then modify the selection.
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    Drag and Drop ordering: You can choose the order of the themes by dragging and dropping the preview thumbnails in the order you desire.
    Theme selection: Each thumbnail is a key that can be activated and disabled. There are some options to help you to select just what you want, like “Disconnect Selection” and “Reverse selection”.
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    Suitable for any monitor: The themes panel opens and closes quickly with the Hot Key cmd+T and adapts to any screen size and orientation .

FX panel

The FX panel is a smart window suitable for every need, which changes behavior depending on its location - full screen or window on the main monitor or second monitor/projector. Other applications are always available, even when in full-screen mode.
on Screen Menu:
In addition to the Remote panel, an alternate, keyboard-driven menu is also available: just use to enable/disable keyboard control and the arrow keys to select the FX. Want your Remote panel back ? Just press ctrl-R.
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    Feed details: RSS feeds are read one at a time and in date order. Flow speed is constant and adapts to the length of the text.
    Scegli il tuo font: There are three different fonts for text feeds and you can choose the one you want from the remote panel
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    Screen menù:
    Use the arrow keys to choose the command and ENTER to execute it. Spacebar exits the menu screen, and cmd-R restores the Remote panel.

Your favorite pictures

Do you want to use your images as textures instead of the ones we supply  ? Load'em all - DiscoBrick’s supports images of various sizes and it scales them automatically if too big.

DiscoBrick can also show pictures from Flickr. just drag the URL into DicoBrick for instant access!

Fun with video

Have fun with video ! DiscoBrick DJ handles live video in realtime through Apple’s own interface, using Apple’s “iSight” or external USB devices.

You can connect also any compatible USB video-Device or video grabber. All you have to do is to connect the device and close all other applications using the video stream (e.g. Ichat, iMovie) before starting DiscoBrick.

Audio Source and your voice

The audio engine works with any audio-IN source (including external professional devices for DJ). So, you can play with your voice and / or the Music. Extend visualization uses to Pro level by connecting your audio source to the line-in or optical audio input.
We even put in an useful shortcut to your system's audio preference panel.

key map

Hot Keys - Full Screen
You can open and close any DiscoBrick panel with a hot key.
Full Screen: cmd-f toggles DiscoBrick's full screen mode.
With OSX Lion (10.7) you can also toggle OS X's built-in full-screen facility on and off, by clicking the button at the top right of the window. This option is not present in previous versions of OS X and should NOT be used simultaneously with DiscoBrick's own full-screen facility, which remains the best solution
Hot Keys Screen Menu
Activate the ScreenMenu with the spacebar, navigate with the arrow keys and "confirm" the command by pressing enter.
note for Lion Users: Make sure to avoid the use of both simultaneously.
The Internal Ful-Screen method of DiscoBrick is always the best solution.
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Ready for any Mac and not only
Discobrick is at its best from a MacBook up to Macs with big screens but the resolution is very good even on digital screens and projectors. And you can’t miss the amazing livevideo with Isight for your unique live show!
Recommended System Requirement: OSX 10.10/10.11/10.12
Intel based Mac with 2.0GHz CPU, Graphic Card with at least 256MB VRAM. iSight (optional) and/or external video grabber (USB / DV ) for live video.
(*)Please note that the live video function at medium or high capture rate is not recommended with a graphic card with less than 256MB of video RAM.