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F.A.Q. DiscoBrick

  • How do I upload photos to Flickr? [+]
    To upload photos you will need:
    -In “Media Source” choose "pictures"
    -Check the box FEED and enter a valid address

    In any Flickr page, addresses RSS are available below. Open the page and copy and paste the address. If the address is not correct, an error message appears directly on the Effects panel.
    to display the FEED you need to remove the language code (in red) in the Flickr RSS address.


    The code to remove is from "&" onwards.
  • How to change the current theme ? [+]

    Use arrows buttons ( left and right direction)
    you can set also the lenght of the duration:

    • Random: The track changes is random.
    • Manual: the current theme remains online until you change it manually by using the options panel or pressing the Next / Previous keys;
    • Time : the theme changes after an user defined interval (ranging from 10 to 600 seconds);
  • How can I use Live Video or Pictures in DiscoBrick themes? [+]
    You can customize a theme by replacing various textures present in a theme with your pictures, images or live video. It all depends on what you select in the “media source" . The possible settings are:

    Default Theme: the engine uses the original textures from the theme;

    The engine uses the the original theme of the theme.

    the engine uses one or a set of images dropped by the user in the area near the menu. This option currently supports only images in JPG or PNG format.

    Important note about the App Store version ( Lite and full) :
    Why a set of skins/pictures selected from one of my folders are not present when I restart the App?
    - Because, due to the usual Apple Sandbox Violation, the App itself can access a restricted set of folders (pictures, movies), images not loaded from these folder cant be reloaded from the app (only thru user's Standard Open Panel, so basically you need to repeat the operation)

    Live Video: the engine uses the live video (from camera or external firewire sources in the PRO version);
    Note: to show in real time the video make sure to choose "fast" in "media speed".
    Note: The FW camera is available in the Public/Pro version because the FW connection is unavailable by default in the App Store limitations: APple Sandbox Violation: firewire A/V devices not supported;
  • How can I save a screenshot ? [+]
    You're able to get a screenshot only in the PRO/PUBLIC version of DisciBrick. In the AppStore version we must respect some Apple limitations. In some cases the option is not available: Apple Sandbox Violation don't allow to save a file must show a Save AS Dialog, that's impossible when in fullscreen.

    To save a screenshot in the Public/Pro version of DiscoBrick just press this button or the [S] screenshot key: the screen flashes to confirm that the rescue is completed. Screenshots are saved on your desktop.
  • Why I have two Full Screen options? [+]
    DiscoBrick comes with a robust and intelligent FullScreen option.
    We've planned the windows managment for the best use with two monitors or with an external Projector.
    With a regular Full/Screen you can use DiB with other application simultaneously, always with your windows in front ( in focus).

    OSX 10.9/10 ( also Lion 10.8) offer by default a new full screen method.

    Click over the arrows icon ( top-right).

    To exit from the full screen you must move the cursor at the right-top side of your screen and clicking again over the icon. In Lion you can't work in both "windows spaces" simultaneously.

    Important note: Make sure to avoid the use of both simultaneously.
    The Internal Ful-Screen method of DiscoBrick is always the best solution.
  • Why my personal images are not displayed? [+]

    Make sure the "media Source / Pictures" is active.
  • Why all effects seems inactive or seems sleeper? [+]
    The AUDIO is detected through the audio-IN on your machine.
    So, if you have a Microphone or an alternative AUDIO-IN source you must check the volume. The best settins is 1 at 70% and 2 at 50%.

    1- At the right-bottom side of the Remote panel you can choose the level.

    2 - Moreover you can also open the main AUDIO-SOURCE panel of the System with the small button at the right side of the audio Slider.

    Note: the Audio Level of the APP is in addition to the main audio level ( of the OSX) and not a replacement.
    If the Main AUDIO LEVEL is turned off also the AUDIO LEVEL of the App can't work.
  • How to Uninstall DiscoBrick [+]

    Just go to the Applications folder and delete DiscoBrick ( Drag the App in the trash).

Our Policy

  • Privacy Policy [+]
    Multithemes respects each individual’s right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through Multithemes website only in the ways disclosed in this statement. This statement applies solely to information collected at multithemes.com. The e-mail address you provide for order processing will only be used to send you information and updates pertaining to your order (if needed).
    Do we disclose any information to outside parties?
    We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information.
  • Payment and Acces [+]
    HOME LICENSE: DiscoBrick gome license can be purchased only through the App Store.

    PUBLIC LICENSE: DiscoBrick for professionals ( the same app with PRO license) can be purchased only through PayPal. All you need is a credit card and a free Paypal account. We will send you your own Serial Number through "e-junkie": you will receive an automatic e-mail with a link to download your Serial Number shortly after your purchase.

    Registration of the version registrable with "serial code + email"( not from te App Store):
    First of all, cough up the cash and get a license (Buy Button)
    Then...Open the App, select the “DiscoBrick >register DiscoBrick...” menu.

    Fill in the text field with Your paypal mail and Serial Number received from E-Junkie and push the button Activate!


    1: Your mail
    2: Your registration code
    3: Register
    (the DEMO TEXT is now disabled)
  • Copyright and Ownership [+]
    - All content is copyright © Multithemes.
    - You agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of the Service, use of the Service, or access to the Service without the express written permission by Multithemes.
    - You are not allowed to share the content with anyone except as external links or to share news via blog, twitter etc etc, about our products
  • Development and Distribution [+]


    The App is developed by Multithemes

    Distribution in the App Store

  • Upgrade policy for customers of DiscoBrick "DJ" [+]
    For all customers of the App "DiscoBrick" ( was Discobrick DJ) of our store
    (purchased via paypal).

    With your code+mail you're still able register the latest version of discobrick. The license is valid for any verison of 1.x
    This is the DOWNLOAD of the latest version of DiscoBrick.
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