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Version 1.5.3

- General bug fix and improvements.
- Code optimized for OSX Hight Sierra

The licence authorize the use of DiscoBrick for public projections of any kind, rave parties, concerts, performances, theatrical happenings, television programmes... etc.

Try Before Buying

Try Before Buying!

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The Download of DiscoBrick has exactly the same features as the registered version - no time limitation, no disabled features - just a nagging demo text placed where it hurts the most :-). WIth a license you can remove the demo text.

Professional usage

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Syphon Ready

Now you can use DiscoBrick® output as a resource for Syphon® software. We've added this amazing feature for all professionals and DJs!

"Pro" entertainment

DiscoBrick, a concert quality, highly optimized visualization tool that has the raw rendering power you need to pump out pixels to high-resolution screen for your entertainment!