Software integration for professionals

Software integration for professionals

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DEMO Superbooth | Camelot + DiscoBrick MIDI + MODX / FB VIDEO
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We worked hard with with Audio Modeling, the software company behind Camelot Pro to improve the MIDI customization. With the integration between DiscoBrick MIDI and Camelot we have developed a fully customizable software.
So, now we look forward to find new relationships with other SoftwareHouse and Developers, that extends DiscoBrick usage to any professional and musician. We can customize the software as your needs! Contact us

DiscoBrick Team



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64bit Mac OS X 10.6 | 10.15+

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19.99 USD Version 1.1.0

No subscription fees - One time payment

Demo with CamelotPRO @Superbooth

Professional usage

DiscoBrick, a concert quality, highly optimized visualization tool that has the raw rendering power you need to pump out pixels to high-resolution screen for your entertainment!

Professional usage

DiscoBrick, a concert quality, highly optimized visualization tool that has the raw rendering power you need to pump out pixels to high-resolution screen for your entertainment!

MIDI input

MIDI options in DiscoBrick

DiscoBrick Mixed Audio-In with MIDI input

By default Discobrick works with the Audio-In input, also with the Mic. With the MIDI input activated DiscoBrick will mix both values in order to enrich the themes animation.

MIDI + Audio-In

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Mixing of two input sources

Detection of sound and melody played by the musician.
The percentage of the two sources can be adjusted with the audio-in sensitivity.
If the “Audio Level” sensitivity is disabled Discobrick will works with your song through the MIDI device.

The MIDI setting is available only with MIDI devices connected


Select your favorite MIDI device from your setup

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List of MIDI devices connected to the computer, also via Bluetooth.
The MIDI settings are available only with MIDI devices connected.

How MIDI control works
The most commonly used MIDI controller is the musical keyboard MIDI but DiscoBrick works with any MIDI device. When the keys are played, the MIDI controller sends MIDI data about the pitch of the note, the velocity and duration, Discobrick can read all MIDI parameters to control the themes behavior.

MIDI note mapping

DiscoBrick analyzes the MIDI device and the octaves available. The application adapts the parameters of the themes effects on the selected device. The automatic mapping allows you to use the whole keyboard extension even if you change octaves.


DiscoBrick MIDI comes with 3 parameters to customize the template


This parameter controls the overall brightness, the intensity of the glows, the saturation of the scene colors and other parameters.


This parameter controls the variation of the shape of objects, the extrusion of lines, shapes and particle systems.


This parameter controls the speed of movements and rotations of objects, particle systems and volumetric lights.

On each parameter you can use:

Keyboard expression

• Note On

Recognition of the notes activation on the keyboard

• Velocity On

Velocity sensitivity: How fast or hard the keys are pressed

• After Touch

Pressure sensitivity: Amount of force (in time) on held-down key

Modulation hardware

• Pitch Bend

Reading of MIDI pitch bend messages to change the templates behavior. A modulation-wheel on the MIDI device is required (also joystick and pedal).

Advanced customization

• Control Change

Customize the behavior of the themes, by assigning a specific channel for each values.
Available for customizable MIDI devices, DAW and MPE devices like ROLI® Seaboard.
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Price €37

No subscription fees
Free upgrades for the 1.x

Price €37

No subscription fees. Free upgrades for the 1.x



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The licence authorize the use of DiscoBrick for public projections of any kind, rave parties, concerts, performances, theatrical happenings, television programmes... etc.

The Download of DiscoBrick has exactly the same features as the registered version - no time limitation, no disabled features - just a nagging demo text placed where it hurts the most. WIth a license you can remove the demo text.